One-on-One Executive Coaching

Multiracial Business Men Working On Digital TabletWe advise executives and execute-level candidates utilizing a systematic approach to enhance leadership, interpersonal and communication skills. We add value as an outside voice working one-on-one to provide real, candid feedback. This outside perspective can identify strengths that need to be improved while “derailing” weaknesses and developing and monitoring new skills for personal and professional success.

We advise executives and executive-level candidates on leadership, interpersonal and communications capabilities critical to their success.

Our focus areas:

  • Executive presence and storytelling
  • Soft skills enhancement
  • Influence communications
  • Bandwidth growth
  • Team engagement

We have a proven track record with our clients:

  • Senior level managers in stretch assignments and steep learning curve
  • Women leaders entering into or stepping up executive roles
  • Technical leaders in need of executive presence, interpersonal, communications skills
  • Multicultural high potentials being groomed for executive positions

Our Coaching Process:OneonOne

Our Client Portfolio:

Executive Vice President, Risk Banking
Senior Vice President, Marketing Hospitality
Vice President, Research Pharmaceuticals
Vice President, Business Planning Pharmaceuticals
Executive Director National Non-profit
Senior Associate – Partner Track Corporate Law
Vice President, Business Unit Medical Devices