In Times Like These, Inspiration is the Way Through

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I feel so many of us are half living, half holidng our breaths. In fear, anticipation of the next bad thing that can happen.  Gloom, doom and lack seem to pervade all aspects of our lives.  I, too, have been caught in these moments, and I have to recognize that it’s just my thought of the moment and that the thought is a choice that can be changed.  You may challenge that.  But everyday, I try to be conscious of what I think, because I know my thoughts create my reality.  I seek not perfection, but awareness that allows me the space to make choices.  We have more choices than we believe.  There is more good and abundance in our world than that which is portrayed by the media.  Abundance is more than stuff, including money.  Abundance is about our energy, our engagement in life, our love for ourselves and for others.  How is your energy?  How are you engaged in life?  Are you engaged?  Or simply trying to hang on as life swirls you around?
We have more control than we think.  Control that is not about influencing outcomes only, but about influencing our being (which by the way does influence outcomes).  About who we are, how we feel.  If we know we have a choice, why choose despair and fear?  If we know that we have choice in every moment, why not try to experience inspiration and joy in more moments?  When we awake, when we are with our loved ones, when we are at work or looking for work, when we see a stranger in need of help, we can choose inspiration and joy.  That feeling that jolts us into flight of being, that warms our souls and enables us to know that all is truly possible.  That feeling we get when we look at our sleeping children, when we see an ordinary person offer an act of kindness to a fellow traveler in life.  We always have choice.  I, too, get obscured by the veil of what if’s and fear.  This, from a person whose calling is to help others live their dreams.  Yet I know I live in moments.  I am buoyed to know that I can make a new choice in the next moment.  And that inspired, joyous moment will propel me to yet another.  And connected, it becomes a reality I can believe in.
In this moment of crises around us, reported in every detail on every newscast, let us be cognizant of the fact that there is more out there.  More joy to be had.  More inspiration by which to be motivated.  More love for the simple sun rises and the laughter of our children. And as we thread these moments, we will create a life, inspired, that transcends this state and creates anew a life we’ve always imagined.  Lived.