Thank You, Dream Trekkers

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At my seminar, “Daring to Dream: Living with Purpose, Passion and Power” this past Saturday, I had the honor to work with individuals who dared to leap towards their dreams.
For many, the 2010 vision they created was not what they had expected but it represented a core inner part of them that had not been explicitly expressed. As one participant said, “the visioning exercise was quite powerful and enlightening.”  Another stated, “The visioning exercise was very useful– something I haven’t done before. I was surprised at what I came to see.”  I was thrilled that the seminar helped them define a new possibility that connected with their deepest selves.  Often, our deepest desires are not accessible at the surface.  We must create an environment that allows those desires to find their way into our conscious state.  Such is the power of visioning exercises.
I also witnessed the power of others to help individuals believe in and shape their dreams.  In a room of “strangers,” the process of storytelling and dream visioning enabled the whole group to come together as one, with the group supporting each individual’s quest through supportive observations, enabling questions and cheerleading.  A participant commented, “one of the most valuable parts of the seminar are all the participants…stories…perspectives… which just helps build my own”.  It just comes to show that in the company of supportive people, we are more likely to believe in and pursue our dreams.
I love facilitating these seminars because I am always awed by the human capacity to imagine and then create.  There is something truly magical about watching the delight in people’s faces as they open their own CrackerJack Box to find that wonderful gift inside.  A gift that has always resided within.
I thank these brave and hopeful Dream Trekkers for believing that they can create a future they desire.  I am grateful that they’ve entrusted me to help them in this creative process.  As the book The Polar Express ends with the parents and grown sister failing to hear the ringing of Santa’s sleigh bells, aka life magic, it reminds us that the magic is always there, for “the bell still rings for those who truly believe.”