Standing at the Starting Line of 2010

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So here you are in January, with 12 months ahead of you.  Another opportunity for a fresh start.  An opportunity to reflect on the year that has passed and set sights for the year ahead.  An opportunity to go within and ask, “what do I really want for my life in 2010?” Sure, you can do it anytime.  But there is something magical about the beginning of the year, the beginning of a new cycle that makes it natural to dream, imagine, plan and act.

Make this year the year for you. No excuses of why it can’t be.  Focus on what can be.  Believe you can make real, your deepest desires.  Define your destination, develop a roadmap and take to the road!

Below are key steps to creating a year that brings you fulfillment and satisfaction. Take the time and find a quiet space that you’ll have at least one hour to yourself.  Do these in chunks if necessary (but maintain the momentum and resolve to finish by end of January).

1) Review, Reflect and Learn from Last Year


  • Summarize your 2009. What were the highs and lows? What did you learn most about yourself? What would you like to further develop? What regrets did you have? What are the “so what’s”?
  • Based on the review, what would be key elements for a fulfilling and satisfying 2010?


2) Develop a “Dream Vision for 2010”

  • After you’ve done the above, allow yourself to be in a place of quiet calm and contentment
  • Now imagine an ideal life for 2010.  See it, feel it, smell it.  Make it as real as possible.  Take a picture of it in your mind.
  • Draw that picture.  This is not an art class so don’t judge your drawing.  The objective is to capture your vision on paper.
  • Now describe it in words and write it down.

3) Create a Plan

  • Look at the picture and list the major actions you can take to make that a reality.  Even if your vision seems like an impossibility, think affirmatively of what you can do to get closer to making that dream a reality.
  • If you can, break down each major action into smaller chunks
  • Next, put some time frame around these actions

4) Take Action

  • For many of you, taking action may be the most challenging.  Sustaining action towards your vision can be even more challenging.  However, if you keep your vision clear (posted on the wall), then it can help propel you towards action
  • Remember that pursuing your dream is a form of change.  The change process is something most of us would rather not do, even if we want the end.  However, if you have a clear vision of your destination and your roadmap, you’re more likely to endure the bumps in the road and reach the finish line.

5) Find Support

  • Find people who are your cheerleaders.  Share your vision with a select few.  Allow them to ask you about your progress.  Allow them to encourage you.  When you get down, seek them out for further support and encouragement.

Dreaming is an act of faith and courage.  Making dreams come true is about perseverance and passion.  Dare to be a dream trekker.  The year 2010 will be here only once.  And then like 2009, it will be gone.  Choose to take action that will allow you, in 2011, to say “2010 was a truly good year for me”.