Spring into Your Highest Potential

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Spring is in full bloom!  I’ve loved walking around the neighborhood, watching trees, bushes and flowers bloom into their essence.  I’ve noticed how each plant blooms at its own time — some are fully in bloom while others are just starting.  I smile as I muse to myself how we, people folk, would be playing this out.  Our version would go something like, “look at that white crocus, why has it already bloomed?  I’m still here in my bud.  Am I too late?  Is she too early?  Am I missing out on something?  Is white in this year?  I’ve always been purple, but maybe purple isn’t right.  How can I become a white crocus?  Maybe that’s better?  Must be.  She blossomed first.  First always has to be better, doesn’t it?  OK, let me figure out how I can be like a white crocus next year.  I’ll start with a strategy and then devise a plan.”
What makes us so “other” centered?  What makes us so focused on the positive attributes of others and thus, the lack in us?  What makes us think we have to constantly be better than we ARE in order to gain the best outcomes?  Why do we expend so much energy being “other” than enriching who we already are?
In my coaching work, I spend a significant amount of time helping my clients find the power and beauty of who they already are. It’s only with embracing their core strength that my clients can utilize the new tactical skills (communications or management) to develop to their fullest potential.  Yes, we can admire and want to emulate others in our professions or personal life.  But we can never be them.  We would never be our best as them.  The opportunity is to know our true uniqueness and then add the interpersonal elements or technical skill to build on who we already are.
So this Spring, as you see flowers and trees bloom around you, watch them and see how each stands on its own beauty and essence.  Use this opportunity to reflect on what it is that you ARE.  What makes you unique?  What do you naturally love to do?  What do others say you are amazing at?  Take the time to sit with your unique gift.  Embrace it.  Nurture it.  For only when you stand in the center of yourself can you selectively add the appropriate life and work skills to live to your highest potential.
Take a walk, look around, search within and ask yourself, who am I at my most natural and best?