Day: October 25, 2012

Forbes: “The Secret To Successful Networking Is A Four Letter Word”

“A Harvard University study shows that 15% of the reason a person get a job, keeps a job or advances in a job is related to technical skills and job knowledge… 85% has to do with people skills. This article provides some conversation skills; like self-introductions; remembering names; the use of open-ended questions and exit strategies to help with your people skills as you are “working the room” through networking.

Diversity Inc. “Be Careful When Discussing Politics at Work”

“Talking politics can be dangerous business. This is particularly true in the workplace, where discussing politics can be disruptive or even divisive. The two school of thoughts are…” the company should get right out in front of the potential problem and declare that its workplace will not discuss politics. The other says to accept that political discussions at work are likely to occur and equip employees to have such conversations tactfully. The article explains the psychological effects of such political discussions on the workplace environment.

Forbes: “What You Don’t Know About Networking Can Hurt You”

“Whether you’re networking in all-woman or mixed groups, there will always be a certain degree of discomfort approaching strangers, particularly when we feel as if we’re seeking admittance to a land we may have left months or years ago – the land of the employed. Professional, technical and managerial workers, for instance, (according to one university study) were found to be twice as likely to learn about a new job opportunity from a weak tie than from a strong one.” The article suggests tips when you are approaching those who are second and third degree distance from you.

Entrepreneur: “How to Start Conversations That Make Instant Connections”

“But the words you speak and hear are only a small part of getting your message across to your message across to your employees, customers and investors. It is the way you speak and listen that makes all the difference in the world.” Explore twelve steps to begin conversations and maintain relationships Explore twelve steps to begin conversations and maintain relationships that involves self-awareness, self-regulation and turning into others non-verbal cues.

Forbes: “ 25 Ways to Win at Networking”

“Pay it Forward. Networking is not an eye for an eye game. Help others and they (not necessarily the same others!) will help you.” This is one of many positive and practical tips taken from this article to assist you to be successful in your networking process.

How I Prepare and Engage in Networking – A Perspective

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to support many professionals and students as they embark and improve on their professional networking. It’s the one thing we know we “should” do but it’s one of the most challenging things to actually do. Trust me. I know. I still have to work at it. I still have to “psych” myself to engage in it. On a few occasions, I’ve skipped the “networking” part of a conference, because I just wasn’t up to being “on” that day. So, I am a practitioner, still practicing.