Day: December 20, 2012

Career Builder: "4 ways to lead with your values"

In Harry Kraemer’s book “From Values to Action”, four principles are set out to make better ethical leaders. Self-reflection is one of the key elements to this process. Learn the other three components and how they can be incorporated into your leadership style through the article.

Fast Company: "8 Signs You've Found Your Life's Work"

This article allows you to reflect on your current work and gives you signs whether your position is just a “job” or your life’s work. “Your work enables you to create the lifestyle you want for yourself and your lifestyle includes your work.” The author reflects on her own experience and inspiration from another article by MeiMei Fox about finding “the one” in love. "Becoming a Sage: The Keys to Life-long Self-development"

This article speaks about what it means to be a “sage” and the fundamental steps successful executives can practice to self-development such as “reflect on your performance” and “know your joys and passions”. Webster’s Dictionary defines a “sage” as one who is wise through reflection and experience. In ancient cultures, a group’s sages were those who had experienced rich lives and were thoughtful about what they had learned through these experience. In contemporary times, groundbreaking research by the Center for Creative Leadership in the late 1980’s found that successful executives were those who had benefited from the “lessons of experience.”