Day: June 27, 2013

Lead Change Group: "Leadership Strength and Vulnerability"

“Sometimes the most important thing a leader can do to strenghten the relationship with the people he or she is leading is to momentarily step out of the role leader. When people are given a glimpse of the man or woman underneath leadership’s mask, they become more committed to the leader when the mask goes on.”
In this article, you will experience the encounter an employee and his boss have that shows the vulnerability of the boss.

All Business: "Showing Vulnerability Can Make You a Stronger"

“To build the type of trust that carries teams to win the championship to develop the type of loyalty that’s unshakeable, the only way to foster this type of culture is through vulnerability.” The article focuses on a conversation between two co-workers discussing leadership style and communication in relation to vulnerability.

Inc. "One Leadership Skill That Will Set Apart"

“Vulnerability is taking a risk, stepping into the emotional unknown, and exposing who you really are. You’re comfortable showing your deficits as well as your assets.” The traits of leadership are explored in this article as well as its connection to shame and being insecure.

Forbes: "Brene Brown: How Vulnerability Can Make Our Lives Better"

An interview is conducted in this article with Brene Brown, research professor and author of Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead who “talks about how’s she has been able to embrace her own vulnerability, shares a story of an entrepreneur who dared greatly to achieve success and explains how vulnerability really works in our society.”

Vulnerability: The Courage to Unmask Toward Our Best Self

Experiencing vulnerability is rarely a pleasant journey, but it is honest. And that honesty offers freedom to the person. Freedom to breathe in her own truth and to feel 100% acceptance of herself. It is beautiful. Even if it lasts for but a minute. It’s a doorway to her true self. Once experienced, the courageous can not help but return to venture through this doorway again. When we learn to shut this doorway, we shut down our truth. As we shut this out from ourselves, we shut this out from others in our life. Before you know it, we’ve created a society where everyone dons “the life mask”, dancing in a dance that sometimes is so far from our own. I find this particularly true for the overachievers, the “successes” in our society.