Basics for Academic Success

From the start, many students experience first hand our American expectation for personal choice and personal expression.  Whether it’s about choosing a class, preparing for and participating in class. Many are not used to the American expectation for “self-initiative”.  Especially for those from East Asia, who have been accustomed to being told a “right” way to do things and to respect persons in authority, these students can feel truly lost in the American classroom.



  • Make an appointment with your Academic Advisor. (S)he will be able to offer advice and suggests on which courses to take.
  • Introduce yourself to your professor. She wants to know who you are.
  • Participate in class. It affects your grade. Participation lets professors know that you are interested.


  • Plagiarize. Academic integrity is taken very seriously in the US.
  • Suffer in silence. Speak to your professor, academic advisor or friend if you are feeling overwhelmed.
  • Stop trying. Academics can be challenging at first, but stay connected with your professor and don’t give up!

Trailer – American Academic Experience from Dreambridge Partners on Vimeo.