Adapting to the US or “Acculturation” is defined as “the adoption of behavior patterns of the surrounding culture” It is a process. You’ll feel challenges and confusion but in the end you will have personal growth and success.  Try to observe this new culture, beyond good or bad, right or wrong. Be curious and open minded, to new ways. This kind of thinking will help you be successful in a new environment. Below you will find suggestions to help you adapt to the US with greater ease.

Culture shock is a phenomenon all persons experience when they settle into a new geography.  The greater the cultural difference, the more severe the adjustment can be. This phenomenon is compounded by the fact that for many students, this is the first time they have left their home country and not have had family support

Ways to combat it?

•Keep an open mind
•Make an effort to use the local language everyday
•Get acquainted with your new environment
•Make friends with local people
•Establish a daily routine
•Stay in touch with your family
•Laugh often!