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Taiwan-China Tensions: Revisiting Family Heartbreak

I was in high school when I found my father sitting at the desk in my parents’ bedroom, face in his hands, sobbing. It was the only time I’d ever seen my father cry. He had been separated from his family for 40 years, when he became a teenage refugee, from China to Taiwan…

Self-Gratitude May Just Improve Your Performance Review

Many professionals undervalue their contributions because they think they’re not enough, but self-gratitude comes from our wholeness and allows us to recognize and own our contributions to our work, which will surely help with our performance reviews.

Separation Anxiety

Tomorrow my Alyssa leaves for NYC for 8 weeks. I sit next to her as she naps, excited for her adventure ahead, all the while

Covid Life – Recluse, Re-Emergence and Ritual

…The day finally arrived this Memorial Day weekend when the four of us and Popo dared to venture out together to visit my father and brother in New York, the first time in over a year. It was cold, windy and wet, but my 87 year old mother determinedly walked to her husband’s gravesite and read the poem she wrote for him that’s etched on the tombstone. We lit incense, bowed in respect and ran back to the car as lightning and thunder reverberated through the skies. After all the sadness, loss and separation, we returned to each other through this family ritual, marking the passing as well as the continuation of our shared journey.

Passion and Purpose in Our Work

Passion and purpose in our profession. Is it plausible? Is it realistic?  Is it worth pursuing if my work pays well? I always say yes

5 Questions to Pinpoint Your 2017 Career Goals

It’s January. Naturally, our human cycle likes beginnings and endings. So go with the flow: Make time this long holiday weekend to define your 2017 career goals! When we

Hard Work Doesn't Pay Off

Hard work and efficacious results gets you a table in the office. It doesn’t necessarily give you better projects or a bigger title and office.

Does Your Use of Time Serve YOU?

I run a business that I love. The only reason I do it is because I care deeply about its impact. My use of time has to matter. More than ever, time is perishably precious. Precisely because of its perishability I’ve had to mold and partner with time…Time has taught me that it is malleable and I can do with it as I choose. I have learned that with clarity of my values and purpose, time for work and life can be molded to fit in form and function. It may take some wrangling and iterations, but that’s also the process of life.

6 Steps to Small Talk Success

So many people whom I meet in my workshops tell me how awkward it is for them to engage in small talk. So if you think “small talk” is odd and superficial, you’re not alone! However, one of the most important things to understand about small talk is that, culturally, it’s a sign of friendliness and professionalism for Americans. So small talk is incredibly important for becoming part of the American community and for professional success. A few tips to consider:

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