Daring to Dream 2010: Living with Purpose, Passion and Power
Every new year, you are given the opportunity to set forth a new vision for your life. Make this year the year you pursue your dream. Our annual seminar will help you identify your new possibility and form initial steps towards making your dream vision a reality.1/23/10   9:00am-1:00pm

Making a Career Change in the New Year
A two-part seminar for those who want to make a career specific chance in the upcoming year
Part 1: 1/28/10   6:00-9:00pm
Part 2: 2/4/10   6:00-9:00pm

Sloan School of Management

“A Successful US Job Search for Non-US Students”

Bentley University
“Speaking WIth Power and Authenticity in Your Job Search”
4 Session Program

Suffolk University
Sawyer Business School

“Understanding and Succeeding in the Culture of the American Workplace”

Hult International Business School
“Making High Impact Presentations”

“The Whole You” Job Search Series
Are you an international student or professional looking for a job in the United States? We offer 1-hour lectures and 3-hour hands on workshops just for you. Below you will find several specialized events in our “The Whole You” job search series. Please click here (PDF) to find out what session might be right for you.
All sessions are taking place in Kendall Square (Cambridge, MA)

“Tell Your Story: Sharing Your Experiences, Passions and Interests”
Lecture: 3/5/10   4:30-6:30
Workshop: 3/11/10   5:30-8:30

“Own Your Powerful & Authentic Brand: Making Your Personal Story Matter to Interviewers”
Lecture: 3/19/10   4:30-6:30
Workshop: 3/25/10   5:30-8:30

“Network and Interview Like an American: Connecting to Others with Your Heart and Your Mind”
Combination Lecture: 3/26/10   4:30-6:00
Networking Workshop: 3/31/10   5:30-8:30
Interviewing Workshop: 4/1/10   5:30-8:30

SIETAR 10th Annual Conference
“International Orientation in Academic Settings–An Inclusive Approach for the Burgeoning International Student Population on US Campuses”
Spokane, WA

MBA Career Consortium Universities
“Making Networking Work for International Students”
Boston College, Carroll School of Management
Fulton Hall Room 130

MIT Global Education and Career Development Center
“Finding the Best in High Performing Teams”
Annual Retreat Facilitator

MBA Career Services Council Annual Conference
Please visit the MBA CSC Website for more information
“Improving International Student Satisfaction with Career Services: Can it be Done?”
Panelist, Exhibitor
Boston Park Plaza
Boston, MA

Asian MBA 2nd Annual Leadership Conference & Career Expo
“Leading with Asian Values in the Corporate Landscape”
Workshop, Leadership Conference
“Penetrating the US Corporate Market as an International Student”
Lecture, Career Expo

Hult International Business School
“Acculturating to the USA”

Bentley University
“A Successful Start: Understanding and Adapting to American Culture”

ASPIRE Speaker Series
Judy is a guest speaker at this event.
Please visit the ASPIRE website for more information
9/28/10 6:30-8:30

Yale University
“Strategic Networking for International Students”

NAAAP Boston Career Success Conference #1
“Getting Recognized, Rewarded, and Promoted at Work”
Judy is the program designer, speaker, and facilitator of this 4-part conference series.
Please visit the NAAAP Boston website for more information.
11/13/10 8:30-3:00

Facebook Fan Webinar
“Getting the Right Message to Potential Employers”
Free for all Dreambridge Partners Facebook Fans
11/19/10 4:00-5:00

University of Florida
Hough Graduate School of Business
“Job Search Success in the United States”