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Taking a Leap of Faith on the Trapeze

I can’t say for sure about the outcome of this leap I’m taking at this point in my life. But what I know for sure is that fear is not something to be managed or kept at bay. Fear is one of the experiences to be lived through as we take actions towards becoming our dream. To be in flight, to continue to take action, even as we feel intense terror. For our terror does not predict outcome.

In Times Like These, Inspiration is the Way Through

I feel so many of us are half living, half holidng our breaths. In fear, anticipation of the next bad thing that can happen.  Gloom, doom and lack seem to pervade all aspects of our lives.  I, too, have been caught in these moments, and I have to recognize that it’s just my thought of the moment and …

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Hello and welcome to our blog!   Are you a career-minded international student looking to land your first exciting job in the US? Are you an HR professional looking for ways to help talented young managers take their careers to the next level? Are you an experienced executive exploring your options for your second or …

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