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My Unease with the Harvard Asian Admissions Lawsuit Decision


At 50: A Retrospective on Choosing Motherhood over Corporate Leadership

Yesterday morning, being Mother’s Day, my husband and kids asked where I wanted to go to celebrate. I told them I just wanted to stay home on that rainy day, and cocoon with them in our family room. I was in my PJs and I just wanted to relish my time with


YOU are the Only Antidote to these Uncertain Times. What Footprints Do You Choose to Leave?

What I know for sure is that each of us can choose what we take in from the outside world. Each of us has a choice to filter our world and create a life of our choice. We are not without control. And so this is my charge, my mission: To engender


5 Questions to Pinpoint Your 2017 Career Goals

It’s January. Naturally, our human cycle likes beginnings and endings. So go with the flow: Make time this long holiday weekend to define your 2017 career goals! When we set life goals, we tend to be both excited and anxious: “I really hope that I will…” as well as “but what if it doesn’t pan out?


Ways to Help Students Cope with Post-Election Anxieties and Harassment

Last week, I was coaching an international alumni working in the US who asked me if she would be safe to work in the US even though she already has an H1-B visa. Will that change? What should she do? Should she expedite her permanent residency process? She was truly concerned. Another


Hard Work Doesn’t Pay Off

Hard work and efficacious results gets you a table in the office. It doesn't necessarily give you better projects or a bigger title and office.


A Leading CEO Who is Honest, Caring and Practical About Race in the Workplace

I had the wonderful pleasure of being a panelist at the Blue Cross Blue Shield “Racial Diversity in Today’s Workplace” event last week. While many leaders talk about their commitment to diversity and inclusion, I felt a deep sense of personal commitment when their CEO, Andrew Dreyfus gave his opening remarks. I


Does Your Use of Time Serve YOU?

I run a business that I love. The only reason I do it is because I care deeply about its impact. My use of time has to matter. More than ever, time is perishably precious. Precisely because of its perishability I’ve had to mold and partner with time...Time has taught me that


African-American Professor Portraits Defaced at Harvard – From Rage to Sadness to Compassionate Curiosity

In this moment, I have only one response. Compassion. Compassion for all involved and affected. We must open ourselves to a possibility beyond a clear right or wrong. We have to go beyond believing that a punitive measure will address the real issue. What we need is authentic understanding of each other.


6 Steps to Small Talk Success

So many people whom I meet in my workshops tell me how awkward it is for them to engage in small talk. So if you think “small talk” is odd and superficial, you’re not alone! However, one of the most important things to understand about small talk is that, culturally, it’s