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Working in Diverse US Teams

Time and again, when I work with cross-cultural individuals, especially non-Americans, the issue of team dynamics emerges. Many note Americans can leave others out of the conversation and decision-making. Especially for those from cultures that are group-oriented and less individualistic, there is a befuddlement about how Americans, especially American men, will try to “take over” the conversations and sway the team toward his perspective without really gauging where the rest of the team is…

Networking Must: Permitting Yourself to do the "ASK"

As I teach many talented international individuals about American job search networking — what it is and how it works — most quickly understand why they need to do it. But doing it? Going out and doing it? It just feels wrong to be so direct and aggressive. The answer to reaching out? Understand that in the American culture, such interactions are expected. So, give yourself permission to go out there and and do the ask.

Seeking Recognition is Self-Respect

We are all human beings, seeking responses for our actions. When we don’t talk about the progress we’ve made at a team meeting, the team doesn’t respond with an understanding of our humility and recognize the work that’s been done.  Instead, we are met with puzzlement, disinterest and distance.  We become invisible. We’re the ATM of professional work.  The machine.