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Mid-term elections – what does that strike in you?

The "big day" is tomorrow, hyped and hyped for months. Apparently $3billion (!) will have been spent in advertising alone, breaking the record for mid-term elections. As hard as it is for me to stay on the sidelines, I've been trying my best to "watch" this experience. How I


Testing Personal Limits and Negotiables in Your Profession

One of the discussion points that I found particularly riveting was the question of how do we know when we've hit the boundaries of what is "comfortable and acceptable" for me?


Career Success: I Dare You!

In America, if you want a successful career, you must be willing to recognize your uniqueness and your capability. You must proudly let the world know. Be open to respecting and celebrating all your wonderful accomplishment.


Opening Your World to the Experience of Difference

It is understandable that we find comfort in the familiar. The route we take to work everyday, our daily routines, the people we hang out with, our certainty that we are right on any given topic. Familiarity allows us to master our surroundings so we can feel safe, confident and


Spring into Your Highest Potential

In my coaching work, I spend a significant amount of time helping my clients find the power and beauty of who they already are. It's only with embracing their core strength that my clients can utilize the new tactical skills (communications or management) to develop to their fullest potential.


Preparing for Your Spring Blossom

Once we own our uniqueness, it is through our persistent work of courage and optimism that our hopes will find its expression in the world.


What’s LOVE Got To Do With It?

This Valentine's Day, take the opportunity to listen to your true heart's desire. About work. About finding work. About your loved ones. Dare to live in the vulnerability of your LOVE. This is the stuff legends are made of. Summon up your cup of Courage and dive


Thank You, Dream Trekkers

In a room of "strangers," the process of storytelling and dream visioning enabled the whole group to come together as one, with the group supporting each individual's quest through supportive observations, enabling questions and cheerleading.


MLK, My Mother-in-Law and the Freedom to Dream

Yesterday was a holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, a person who enabled so many to believe in and eventually live their dreams. I've learned of his work and the civil rights movement through books and documentaries. But I've had the honor to understand this through the stories of my


Standing at the Starting Line of 2010

Dreaming is an act of faith and courage. Making dreams come true is about perseverance and passion. Dare to be a dream trekker.