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The Freedom of Personal Accountability

Life is shared, whether at work or at home. Nothing can be done independently of others or our surroundings. So in this interconnected living, it’s plausible to put responsibilities on others when things get tough. At some point, things always get tough. Sometimes it’s the other person. Sometimes it’s shared. Sometimes it’s really ours to own. Question is, do we discern? Do we take the time to be present with what’s going on so we can process what happened and understand our emotional response to the situation? If you stay present to a situation, you will realize that taking responsibility is always an emotional choice.

How Struggling Can Indicate You’re On the Right Track In Your Transition

If you choose to become a leader in your life, whether in your internal world or external world, daring to face the struggle of the unknown is the “ticket for entry” for success. Struggle need not be a four-letter-word. Struggle can be respected, even if not welcomed, as you know it is the struggle that will teach you the requisite skills and necessary approaches to be effective in the new landscape.

Accepting "MY" Imperfections

You are imperfect. I am imperfect. That’s part of being human. There’s something so “old news” about it all. Yet it seems like we are all hiding with terror from this reality of not being perfect…Witnessing and accepting our imperfections isn’t weakness. It’s an act of love. It breeds freedom and acceptance within us. From there, we affect all who are in our circle of life.

How I Became More Socially American: One Encounter at a Time

I was in seventh grade, at dinner at my friend’s house. At the table were her parents, my friend and me. It was a low key affair. We were having hamburgers. Across the table were tomatoes that I desperately wanted. My mind urged me to “just ask!”. But my body just wouldn’t respond. I couldn’t open my mouth. With hunger beckoning me on, the twelve year old ate my hamburger without the tomatoes…The only way to adapt to a new set of social etiquette is to do it. Just do it. There is no other way.

My Daughter's Initiation with Racism

My daughter talks about this older Caucasian man, in a Patriot’s sweatshirt, who came abruptly to the table my mother and daughter were sitting at as they were finishing their lunch and declared, “you guys are finished and you need to leave”. Both stunned, it took my mother a bit of time to respond, in her accented English that they were not yet finished. This gentleman barked back, “in this country people leave when they’re done eating…

Want Engagement? Show That You Notice and Care.

After my leadership workshops, individuals who approach me tend to ask one fundamental question, “how do I get my boss to notice the work I do?”. A deeper question they’re asking is, “how do I know if I really matter?”. Each one of us who breathes wants to know we matter. We want to know that we are cared for and that our life means something. It is a fundamental human need. We will act in outrageous ways to fulfill this yearning. No one is exempt.

Teamwork Essentials in the 21st Century: And It's Not About Technology

Team effectiveness is driven more by EQ and CQ (emotional and cultural intelligence) than IQ. Why? Because it’s the interpersonal skills that will draw out the fullest intelligence of the team. Setting operating principles, protocols and clear team goals are critical processes to ensure team members from varying backgrounds and preferences are truly engaged.