As Halloween is fast approaching, here is some information we hope you will find helpful in understanding and participating in the holiday.


Below is a short video clip that tells about Halloween in a historical perspective. (The video will begin after a brief commercial from the host website)


Halloween Around the World (from the History Channel)



  • Trick-or-treating – this is usually reserved for children, going from house to house dressed up in costume asking for candy
  • Houses that are decorated with spider webs, tomb stones, ghosts, and skeletons
  • Carving pumpkins – families carve faces or other designs into pumpkins, set them on the porch and place a candle inside to see the glowing design that was carved

Carved Pumpkins


Things to do:

  • Haunted houses – people find it fun and exciting to be chased by people carrying chainsaws, machetes, and other weapons in an attempt to frighten them (all fake of course!)
  • Cornfield mazes – try to find your way out in the dark!
  • Halloween/costume parties – adults who have outgrown trick-or-treating still want to have fun. They get dressed up in a costume and go to parties where there is usually Halloween music, food that looks like bugs or body parts, and a costume competition.


Popular Halloween (Scary) Movies:

On or around Halloween, it is common to watch horror movies. One of the most popular movies is one that was released in 1978 and bears the name of the holiday – Halloween.


Since this movie came out multiple sequels have been produced. There are also many other halloween themed, or horror, movies. A quick internet search will help you locate others.


We hope this page has provided you a brief overview of the holiday and helped you know what to expect. Enjoy the night and have a Happy Halloween!