Inner Thoughts

  • I’m frustrated and disappointed that I don’t have a job yet. I have pressure from my family to do well in the US. They want me to have a job here, before returning home. The pay in India is just too low.
  • Many on-campus recruiting jobs don’t accept international students. We have the same career services support as Americans for job search. But we have to do so much more on our own. We don’t have enough step-by-step, personal help.
  • The career advisors are trying but they don’t have time. The information they give us is similar to what they give to Americans. But I’m a foreigner. HOW do I DO this? They keep telling us how important networking is. But what exactly do I do? I’ve never done this before in my life. What do I say beyond the elevator pitch? How am I supposed to find the right companies? How do I maintain contact with the contact? When can I ask for a job? How do I do this?
  • I’ve contacted over 15 people – recent alums, mid-level managers. Only 5 have gotten back to me. I gave them my pitch. I’ve done informational interviews to learn about the job. But none has turned into interviews. This is not working.

I have the exact experience and knowledge these companies are looking for. I talk about my knowledge and competency. Advisors ask us to talk about our passion. Who really hires for passion? We never talk about such things. I don’t know what is going on.