Inner Thoughts

  • I must be doing something wrong. Some of my friends have a job already. This is embarrassing. I went to Tsinghua the “MIT” of China. How can I be in this position?
  • I have such strong grades. I know the material. The professors tell me so. I know all the analytical tools and programming needed by the market. Or I can learn very quickly.
  • I had 4 interviews. I thought I did the technical interviews very well.
  • The advisor tells me I’m supposed to smile and be passionate when I interview. I’m trying my best to show my excitement. How much more can I smile?
  • In my marketing communications internship (which my father got through his friend connections), I was so curious about why the buyers would be enticed by advertising. I really enjoyed listening to the focus groups and reviewing all the advertising and awareness data. I smile when I think about doing this kind of work. But what does that have to do with data mining anyway?
  • My parents have spent so much money to have me study here. I must repay them with a good job in the US and not embarrass them with their friends, by going home.
  • I’m 25 and they want me to think about getting married before I turn 30. They’re already talking about being grandparents
  • I need to find a job so I can stay here