Welcome, and thank you for watching the Know Before You Go video series!

Congratulations on your acceptance to Mays Business School!  During your time in the US, you’ll experience new, exciting and sometimes challenging situations as you live in a new culture.
These videos will help you better prepare for the Mays and US experience.  You’ll learn about critical factors that will improve your business school experience and increase your likelihood of success. Students have told us these foundational videos have given them a strong start to understanding and navigating their business school experience.

Some of the information covered in these videos consists of:

  • culture and what to expect when you move to the US
  • how individualism and independence are valued in the US
  • cultural differences in the American classroom
  • social life in business school
  • the importance of a personal story, cover letter, and resume when marketing yourself to find a job in the US.

You will have access to these nine videos from now July 31. You should watch all the videos. Afterwards, we ask that you take a few minutes to complete a four-question survey on your experience and the videos.

Video Viewing Instructions:

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Mays Business School: Know Before You Go video series

Students in China:

If you are unable to view the videos at the link above, click on the link below (These are the same videos, just viewable in China). You will need to create an account and use the key provided below. The tutorial below the link and key will assist you in the enrollment and login process.

Mays Business School: Know Before You Go video series (for students in China)

Key: Mays2015

Enrollment/Login Tutorial:

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1. After clicking on the link above you will be directed to a page where you will need to enter your information and the key: Mays2015

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2. You will be directed to the following page where your enrollment will be confirmed. You will then need to check your email for the password that has been sent to you and enter your username and password.

Babson Login

3. Once you have logged in you will see the page below. Click on “Mays Business School: Know Before You Go Video Series” and you will be taken to the video page where you can begin watching.

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4. After you have watched all the videos please complete the survey so we can continue to improve the materials we provide to international students.