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YOU are the Only Antidote to these Uncertain Times. What Footprints Do You Choose to Leave?

What I know for sure is that each of us can choose what we take in from the outside world. Each of us has a choice to filter our world and create a life of our choice. We are not without control. And so this is my charge, my mission: To engender


Is Passion Misunderstood?

Over the years as a coach, observing myself and my clients, it’s become clear that passion can be misunderstood. We generally think of passion as overt, provocative, bigger than life. Somehow we believe our passion can consume us if we are not alert. It can lead us to wayward paths. It’s almost


How Struggling Can Indicate You’re On the Right Track In Your Transition

If you choose to become a leader in your life, whether in your internal world or external world, daring to face the struggle of the unknown is the “ticket for entry” for success. Struggle need not be a four-letter-word. Struggle can be respected, even if not welcomed, as you know it


Accepting “MY” Imperfections

You are imperfect. I am imperfect. That’s part of being human. There’s something so “old news” about it all. Yet it seems like we are all hiding with terror from this reality of not being perfect...Witnessing and accepting our imperfections isn’t weakness. It’s an act of love. It breeds freedom and


Vulnerability: The Courage to Unmask Toward Our Best Self

Experiencing vulnerability is rarely a pleasant journey, but it is honest. And that honesty offers freedom to the person. Freedom to breathe in her own truth and to feel 100% acceptance of herself. It is beautiful. Even if it lasts for but a minute. It’s a doorway to her