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Is Passion Misunderstood?

Over the years as a coach, observing myself and my clients, it’s become clear that passion can be misunderstood. We generally think of passion as overt, provocative, bigger than life. Somehow we believe our passion can consume us if we are not alert. It can lead us to wayward paths. It’s almost


When the Shoe Doesn’t Fit…

My children happened upon the cartoon Cinderella last week. My mother and I were commenting about how darling it was…until the shoe fitting part. You know, the part where Cinderella’s foot glides into the shoe held by the prince. We women, who grew up in the US, have always celebrated Cinderella because


Recognizing Our American Cultural Bias For “Passion”

When I coach non-Americans, especially Asians, to interview effectively for a US job, I emphasize the need to express their "passion" for their work or their "deep interest" for a potential job. Nine times out of ten, when I ask about this passion, I see Asian students searching my face, seeking