T. Liu

This book is very helpful for every international student who wants to get a job in the US. It opens a window to me on how Americans network and what benefit they get from networking. It also taught me how to network in an authentic American way step by step.

O. Fu

Judy’s networking book helps me a lot. As an international student, I rarely know how to network with Americans, and I don’t even know how to have a good chat with American to enhance friendship.... I went to a lot of Career Fairs and information sessions but none of them worked out. When I was so depressed and have no idea what I can do next, I met Judy and her team at AsiaMBA Career Conference. She mentioned that networking is the key process for job-seekers in America and is also hard for international students to do because of culture. I bought her book and spent one day on it, then I took actions into networking.

Judy’s book is very useful while I’m doing networking. All examples are understandable and easy to apply. The biggest difference between Judy's book from others is telling you what you should write to get an information interview and what you should say during the information interview. According I revised my pitch and create a whole new story embedded my skill set and interests. I put my story to invitation emails, and I got 9 replies within one week. I made phone calls with them to talk in about my career goals. Two of them told me that I could put their name into my cover letter as referral, and two of them met me in person. I got an interview one week after. I realized how useful the networking is! I wish this book can help more and more students in the future.

Judy's ability to read the students needs and touch their hearts is unmatched. She really has her finger on the pulse of international student trends and knows how to bridge the US cultures with their own. Judy has a unique way of breaking down US communications and provides students with practical steps that is actionable. I give my unequivocal recommendation for any university to tap into Judy's breadth of experience to aid their students.

Meg Flournoy
Duke University

Zhida Guo

I am writing to thank you for this amazing workshop. I skipped two classes to attend this session. And it’s definitely the best session I've ever attended in the MBA program.

You are such an expert in networking and recruiting area and gave us many practical approaches in storytelling and networking. You are so familiar with my culture that you touched every pain point in my job hunting. And you gave us great insights of why we have those problems and how to overcome them. Your comments on how to express interest, how to tie your story into your expression and how to use body language really made me feel comfortable and natural to show my enthusiasm in a position. I can see tremendous changes we  made through the role playing exercise. In terms of the small talk, you also provide us with a fantastic example to show us how to do it in real life. The most important thing that I took away from the session is the structure in a one-on-one meeting. It’s not like a Q&A, but more like a see-saw. Find a chance and tell your story. They finally all make sense. Successful networking is always associated with good storytelling.

I’m in the second year. So now it’s a critical time for me to find a job in the US. I will apply those skills into real life and always keep the words you gave us in mind, "You're not a failure until you stop trying".

Babson College

Sally Pinckard

Judy's worked with great success, with our students on mastery of cross-cultural nuances. She has the keen ability to pinpoint on the essential factors to help students understand how to communicate effectively and more importantly, take action. Her role-play and case studies give the students practice on important life skills and confidence to use in real world settings. At the staff level, she is a truly a joy to work with. She collaborates with our team and really has an understanding where our needs lie.

Associate Director, Weston Career Center, Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis

Simona Tripodi

We had the pleasure to host Judy Shen-Filerman twice this academic year. During our international orientation programs she did a great job normalizing the acculturation difficulties they are likely to encounter. Later on she came back to demystify some must-have skills for their success in this market, such as “storyselling” and networking. Judy has a lot of credibility with our Asian student population. When she speaks, they listen!

Weston Career Center, Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis

Sherry Xiao Xu

I’ve attended two of Ms Shen-Filerman’s workshops. One was to help international students (particularly Chinese students) to adapt to American culture. The other was about job interviews tips. Both workshops were extremely helpful to me. The idea of saying no to feeling embarrassed and to caring about group rejection in her first workshop has benefited me ever since. I owe much of my involvement to American Culture today to her encouragement. Ms. Shen-Filerman knows the Chinese culture. She knows what we’re afraid of and what we need to change. That’s what makes her workshops so helpful. The workshop on interviewing actually helped a lot in my interview with a bank thereafter. She’s not only gave you tips about interviewing, but told you how to be more confident about yourself.

Hope Hou Shiyu

This was really an experience of another kind! Judy redefined the concept of workshop by actively and creatively involving the audience to share, think and inspire. With the unique combination of her cross-cultural background and professional experience in corporate America, Judy indeed understands the needs and wants of international students. She motivated us to uncover the potential in ourselves that we didn’t realize and leverage it as our competitive edge for both personal and professional development. Judy resonated with me based on her own experiences. She didn’t give information without applicable value or the so-call “one-size-fit-all” magic principles. Instead, she listened, talked and worked with us to come up with a guiding strategy and feasible action plan. What’s more amazing is that, instead of a one-time workshop, Judy helped us to form a long-term supportive group in which we can learn from and grow with each other. I would like to thank Judy and Dreambridge Partners for their dedicated efforts and remarkable achievements in helping me and countless international students to be a stronger and better self when facing the challenges in the American culture context. This is indeed a bridge that leads us from now to our future, dream and success.

Jenna Jiannan Li

Being a Chinese American, Judy has an insightful understanding of both Chinese and American culture. She has rich experience in instructing Chinese students to pursue career success in the US. By participating in her “Story Selling” and “Cultural Nuances” workshops, I have more confidence fitting into the US culture and have effectively improved my communication skills (business and social). As a result, I earned the opportunity to work as a Graduate Assistant in the school office and landed more interviews from well-known financial firms.

Jennifer Jingmei Cao

I participated in the "International Women Student Leadership Workshop" that Judy presented at Bentley Graduate Career Service. Judy was very passionate and very helpful during each session. Judy effectively inspired us and stimulated us to think, to share and to learn by skillfully taking advantage of case studies, questionnaires and periodical check-ins. Her program helped me to better understand my identity in American culture, to believe in myself and to gain confidence every way in my school and career life. Judy is very respectful and really flexible in teaching. She naturally extends to  care, love and understanding to others.

Gina Ping Zhou

Getting admitted by a decent masters program in the US is hard. But getting acculturated to the United States and the job market is even harder.  Judy helped me develop awareness to efficiently transition into American academic and social life. As a Chinese student, I felt uncomfortable speaking up in class. Judy helped to decode the cultural reasons why and ways to overcome these feelings.  Most importantly, she taught us self-marketing skills including storytelling, the one-minute elevator pitch and ways to emphasize our cultural strengths. Judy is very experienced with Chinese international students and offers passionate and practical advice.

Joy Xiao Xue Li

After taking Judy's leadership training last year, I believe in this world, no one can do a better job in terms of "waking" success for international students. Since she was an immigrant who came to the US very early in her life, , she knows exactly what international students really need when they start a new journey in the US. I feel very lucky that I had the chance to be one of the students in her class. She helped me find the tipping points in both study and work when I was trying to find a way to stand out among many other students. A lot of people have the potential to be a success, but you do need to have someone to "wake" it up.

Suzanne Wilkins

Judy is such a skilled facilitator that she can get any group to go where it needs to go, even if it is not where she originally planned to go.

Director of Programs, The Partnership, Inc.

Deborah Ruhe

Over the past ten years, Judy has provided her extensive professional expertise in guiding us in strategic planning, facilitating team development, and conducting board of directors training, as well as personally coaching me as an executive through staff reorganizations and plans for expansion. Judy is wonderfully insightful with the pivotal business savvy to truly understand our organization and my role. Her comprehensive approach is always helpful and has facilitated both my personal and professional growth as well has been pivotal to the growth and development of my organization.

VP Northeast Region, Hostelling International

Jenifer Zeigler

Judy is a highly effective professional whose coaching creates positive and lasting change. Her approach combines a beautiful blend of rigorous analytics with creative intuition to help guide her clients to identify strong and courageous actions to propel them to even higher levels of personal and professional success.

Senior VP, Intercontinental Hotels Group

Brandeis Student

I’ve been to many workshops before, but no one helped me so much like this workshop. This workshop focuses on deeply analyzing the personality and how to link your personality into the job that you have passion for… I now understand how to make an impressive presentation and get to the point that recruiters want to hear.

Brandeis University, International Business School Student

Ralph Roberto

Judy has a unique ability to help talented professionals further their potential in an organization, particularly for individuals not as familiar with the modus operandi of the US corporate culture. Corporate clients have appreciated the value she brings to developing talent in their organizations.

President, Keystone Partners

Michele Rapp

Judy is highly collaborative and very responsive to my needs as a client; she is always willing to customize her programs to meet the particular needs of my university. The content and depth of her programs are unique and she has developed effective models and skills practices that have greatly benefitted my students. Judy is creative and always developing new ideas and innovative materials; she continuously expands her offerings. Judy’s programs have become an integral part of our services for international students. I highly recommend working with her.

Associate Director, Graduate Student Career Services, Suffolk University

Blake Gore

Judy’s webinar was a priceless addition to our international student orientation program. She holds a deep and broad understanding of the world of work and the challenges faced by cross cultural students and professionals in US business environments and social situations. Her own experience of successfully navigating these challenges adds so much to her presentations, not the least of which is a degree of credibility that is rarely given to non-cross cultural presenters.

Associate Director, Career Management Center, Vanderbilt University- Owen School of Management

John Ryder

Emory University’s Goizueta Business School has been using the Dreambridge Partner videos for the past several months to great effect. Our international students are now more fully aware of the challenges they face, as well as better prepared to meet those challenges. I have sat through several of Judy Shen-Filerman’s presentations at various career conferences, and her video presentations mirror her in-person delivery in every respect: insightful, empathetic, informative and inspiring. I fully recommend these videos as a guide to assisting international students facing the daunting US academic and job search environments.