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Accepting “MY” Imperfections

You are imperfect. I am imperfect. That’s part of being human. There’s something so “old news” about it all. Yet it seems like we are all hiding with terror from this reality of not being perfect...Witnessing and accepting our imperfections isn’t weakness. It’s an act of love. It breeds freedom and


5 Steps to Living Your Dream

So here you are in January, with 12 months ahead of you.  Another opportunity for a fresh start. An opportunity to go within and ask, “what do I really want for my life in 2014?” Sure, you can do it anytime.  But there is something magical about the beginning of the year


Befriend Your Fears and Thrive

I was watching the movie, Monsters University, with my kids recently. Through the laughs, I saw some realities for us adult folks.  After years of living, each of us has come to own the one, two, or more things that scares the living bijiggers out of us.  Like the movie, our minds


How I Became More Socially American: One Encounter at a Time

I was in seventh grade, at dinner at my friend’s house. At the table were her parents, my friend and me. It was a low key affair. We were having hamburgers. Across the table were tomatoes that I desperately wanted. My mind urged me to “just ask!”.


Attention Working Moms: Unapologetically Set Expectations that Reflect Reality

The reality for most of the power elite, especially the men who are married with children, is that this scenario is just not experienced by them and thus not understood by them. Thus, they may lack empathy for others who may have to deal with this. Understandably they can thus


Know What Your Want From the Career Fair

All students would love to get an interview from a career fair conversation. How much you will get out of the career fair depends on how much you put in. Suggestions for your objectives and strategy below.

0 Speak Up, Learn More – Participate In Your Education

"Think of it this way: attending school in the U.S. is only half of the experience; the rest of it is learning how to become involved in your education like an American."


US News: “4 Ways International Students Can Participate in Class”

"It is challenging to live in a new country, where people speak a different language and have different cultural values. Most people would try to stick to the rule, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." But for many international students, following that rule may not be easy when it comes


Working that Works In Our Interconnected World

We live at a time when we are interconnected in so many ways. At any time we can access information from the internet, check our email or video connect with a person on the other side of the world. Amazing isn’t it? This hyper-connectivity can elevate us or overwhelm


Staying Open to Honest Feedback — The Good and the Bad

Being our best self is about embracing our gifts and staying open to criticism. Criticism is not an absolute judgment with 100% accuracy. It’s just someone else’s opinion. So, we need to discriminate the value of that opinion. All criticism is not worthy of your attention. Some are