Talent Equity

We provide organization leaders with insight into how equity practices build inclusion, belonging and capacity utilization of talent.
Today, our US talent of color is underutilized given our history of privilege and marginalization and the prevalence of unconscious bias. As a result our talent ROI is lower than where it could be. To address this, we focus on the representation and advancement of Historical Power Culture Outsiders™ (HPCO’s™ ) by :

Consulting: DE&I Strategy Development

Our 5 phase development process enables leaders to create an intentional strategy that builds Best Self, Belonging and Equity in their organization by identifying and prioritizing  efforts in programming, processes and delivery.

Coaching: Individual / Group / Organization

Our broad-based coaching with individuals, groups and organizations adapts to the needs and priorities of the organization; from one-on-one executive advising, to leadership team development to large group workshops.