Professional Development

Our programs integrate 3 distinct components that have proven to catapult participants to own their unique talents, leverage their careers and live their Best Self.

Life Journey Reflection – Our intentional life review helps professionals own their “Superhero Powers” as many have had to overcome challenging situations during which their aspirations and capabilities were negated. This is especially true of Historical Power Culture Outsiders / HPCOs (those who are not white, male, hetero, Chrisitan, upper class).

Career Asset Value ™ – Critical to career advancement is credibility, which is about leveraging not only technical skills, but one’s asset value, how their cumulative knowledge and experiences contribute to their organization.

Third Culture Identity ™ – growing one’s career goes beyond executing tasks and meeting deliverables. It’s critical to be build credibility, visibility and relationships with key stakeholders in the organizations. HPCOs who have not grown up in American power culture environments can multiply their effectiveness by understanding different cultural norms and learning how to become agile “culture-crossers” who can operate in different contexts while maintaining and honoring their core identity.