What We Do

Our mission is to catalyze professionals of all backgrounds to live their Best Self and help leaders build workplace ecosystems of Belonging that result in organizations with people who innovate and thrive.

Amazing, right?

Our passion is to help leaders and professionals make that workplace a reality.

People First – When professionals know their Best Self they can’t help but catalyze their personal potential and career journeys. We are passionate to help “culture crossers” (women, persons of color, first-gen and global professionals) embrace their Best Self Identity and effectively decode and navigate US workplace culture so they can fully leverage their talent and contribute mightily to their organizations.

Workplace Culture – We engage with organizations to develop workplace cultures and inclusive managers who engage, inspire, and promote individuals of different social identities, backgrounds, and cultures. Recognizing that historical norms of US power culture have caused an underutilization of its talent potential, the upside of inclusion is tremendous. Employees who are recognized are more engaged in their work, leading to greater productivity and utilization of an organization’s most
strategic core asset: its people.

In-house Coaching Models – We’re proud to use in-house created coaching models that have proven to be highly effective with our clients. Learn more about them: Best Self Story, InterConnected Agility, Third Culture Identity, Power Culture and Systems.

Clients – Known for our high impact consulting and coaching programs, Dreambridge Partners collaborates with organizations across industries (McKinsey, Biogen, Liberty Mutual, City Year) and universities across the country (Harvard Business School, Wharton, Tuck) to deliver on its mission: To catalyze self-aware and agile leaders who positively impact our culturally diverse and interconnected world.

About Judy Shen-Filerman, founder, CEO

Judy’s mission is to catalyze leaders of all backgrounds to be their very best and to help organizations build a workplace ecosystem that allows all individuals to thrive.

Judy is passionate to help “culture-crossers” (women, persons of color, first gen and global professionals) express their Best Self to achieve their highest potential. She also engages with organizations to develop workplace ecosystems and inclusive managers who engage, inspire and promote individuals of different social identities, backgrounds and cultures. As a Chinese immigrant woman who grew up in NYC, Judy’s first-hand struggles and accomplishments as a culture-crosser have deeply informed the mission and work of the firm.

Judy’s impact is proven with a broad base of institutional clients such as McKinsey, Biogen, Fidelity Investments and City Year. Judy is also a sought after lecturer and coach at leading business schools around the country including Wharton, Tuck and Harvard Business School. 

Whether facilitating diversity, equity and inclusion discussions at institutions, or coaching individual leaders in demanding growth trajectories or lecturing on effective storytelling at US business schools, Judy brings her passion and authenticity to engage and empower others. Judy is impassioned to write about the intersection of leadership, identity and culture; and, has been featured in numerous professional and national publications.

An accomplished leader, Judy led innovative businesses at Procter & Gamble, Campbell Soup Asia and Polaroid. As the youngest executive at Polaroid, leading a half-billion dollar product portfolio, Judy catapulted Polaroid into their first-ever e-commerce business. 

A Harvard College and Harvard Business School graduate, Judy passionately leverages her experiential knowledge as a successful cross-cultural leader to inspire individuals and galvanize organizations to achieve their dreams. Judy lives in the Boston area with her husband and two children.