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Thank You, Dream Trekkers

In a room of "strangers," the process of storytelling and dream visioning enabled the whole group to come together as one, with the group supporting each individual's quest through supportive observations, enabling questions and cheerleading.


MLK, My Mother-in-Law and the Freedom to Dream

Yesterday was a holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, a person who enabled so many to believe in and eventually live their dreams. I've learned of his work and the civil rights movement through books and documentaries. But I've had the honor to understand this through the stories of my


Standing at the Starting Line of 2010

Dreaming is an act of faith and courage. Making dreams come true is about perseverance and passion. Dare to be a dream trekker.


Job Search Effectiveness – Revisit, Recharge and Re-engage

It's the end of the year, holiday is in the air. For many companies, job placement activities are slowing down. It's a perfect time for job searchers to take a break, review the effectiveness of what you've been doing so you can make it really work for you in the new


A Time of Celebration and Reflection

Yet during these holidays, when a year is about to end, it is such apt time to reflect on the year that has passed. Its moments -- big and small, the ups and downs. To understand the current that flows. To draw learning and meaning from our life this


In Thanksgiving

During this Thanksgiving, when there seems to be a pervasiveness of darkness, is an opportunity to find the light in our lives. To use this day to let this light shine ever so brightly.


Staying Globally Competitive Through Multicultural Talent Development and Inclusion

The TV shows I've "happen upon" this week have been very telling of the need for senior executives and university deans to understand the imperative for organizations and universities to embrace excellence in multicultural talent development.


Do you possess a Power Brand?

As I advise executives, professionals and business students, it's clear that each individual possesses a personal brand, even if (s)he has never given it a second thought. Being oblivious to our brand can be the single most overlooked area of our professional development.


Acculturating to the US – Hult International Business School

Acculturation is a process. To succeed at it, we need to first understand ourselves more deeply. To ask why we do what we do? Why we assume certain things and actions are good or bad, acceptable or unacceptable? When we have greater understanding, we have the opportunity to



Sometimes, the most terrifying aspect of change arrives when we are ready to be at one with who we really are. When we dare to accept the grandness of who "I am" and actually live that truth.