Scenario #1

Reason for Advising Session: “Networking Isn’t Working. You have to Help Find Me a Job”

Varun is a: 2nd Year MBA student from India. He’s seeking Tech Product Manager Job in Silicon Valley

  • 3 Years Technology Consultant with Software Company , in India, interfacing with client and client organization to develop enterprise wide software
  • Undergraduate degree in electrical engineering with strong programming experience
  • Fluent in English with noticeable Indian accent, but easy to comprehend
  • Outgoing, a definite “Extrovert” but shies away from senior level individuals
  • Interested in apps / technology that saves time for employees – technology helping productivity seems to be something he cares deeply about.
  • He was passed over by a handful of companies that came in the Fall. More companies are not hiring international students. Second semester, he has focused on smaller companies.
  • He has made 15 contacts with 5 responses and exchanges
  • School has a career course. Has hosted networking events, mainly in the Fall/Winter.
  • Varun has seen the advisor before, regarding resume and how to find contacts. Saw him right after return from winter vacation. He was starting to make networking contacts.