Scenario #2

Why Ling is Talking to her Advisor: “I’d like to talk to you about 3 job openings”

Ling is a student from China. Masters in Business Analytics student who started in August and will graduate next December.

  • Ling is earning all As in her classes. Her professors say she’s bright, knows the material very well. She doesn’t talk much in class but always knows the answer when asked.
  • Her expression is rather neutral. Hard to tell if she is excited. The advisor isn’t always sure if she understands everything that’s been discussed. She seems to understand.
  • She went to Tsinghua University. She has had no full time work experience. She’s had 2 internships in marketing communications.
  • The Masters programs don’t have a dedicated career course but there are job search workshops and networking events
  • The market is strong for Analytics students, given the growth in data mining and machine learning.
  • Ling has had 2 first round interviews and 2 second round interviews
  • Today she is seeking her advisor’s help on how to tell her story for 3 job interviews: business analyst; advertising analyst; financial analyst