Preparing for Your Spring Blossom

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Spring is around the corner.  Soon, flowers will bloom.  New growth will surround us.
Can’t you already smell the Spring dew?  The optimism that fills this season?  Hallelujah, winter hibernation is finally over!  The world is open to us again. Yes!
Just as nature prepares flowers for bloom with more sun, more rain and warmer temperatures, so must we prepare our own blossom. Just as flowerbeds need to be resoiled, turned and fertilized before it blossoms, so too must our readiness be fed and nutured. The preparation work starts within us. The more we do, the more we can step with courage and excitement onto the stage of life to try out our hopes.
If you’re a professional, hoping for a promotion, what are you doing to feed your readiness?  Do you know the criteria for promotion? Are you showing your accomplishments and proving to your boss that you’re already doing the work of the next level?  Are you signalling your readiness to her?
If you’re hoping for a job, are you fully ready to launch?  Do you know how you’ve contributed to your past employers and can you tell a credible story to potential employers?  Do you know what new employers really want?  Do you recognize your talent and capabilities and dare to speak on your own behalf?  Do you have a passion for this work?
If you have children, hoping for their success and happiness, have you had an opportunity to sit and watch their brilliance?  Have you been able to feed their curiosity, confidence and optimism?  Do they know there is no one else in this world quite like them?  Do they know that if they love something, all they have to do is keep doing what they love, even if it’s hard sometimes, and without fail, they will see their talent and effort rewarded?
If you hope to have a year with greater fulfillment, do you see your own brilliance?  The light that only you can bring into this world?  Can you own that specialness?  Can you find a voice for it?  Can you speak it?  Can you dance it with wanton playfulness?
To blossom our unique flower, we must know it and own it.  Only then, can we feed and nurture it to present itself in the world.  Otherwise, it remains a seed, unrealized and dormant.
Once we own our uniqueness, it is through our persistent work of courage and optimism that our hopes will find its expression in the world.  We may have to try it out on the stage of life, once, twice, thrice and more to have it expressed appropriately and received by the world.  But if we prepare our heart and mind and dare to act, surely our seed will blossom to become a unique flower smiling in the field of life.