What's Your Story? – For Job Search or For Finding Your Passion

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Some have asked me how I do such different kinds of coaching, from job search, to life transition, to executive coaching, expecting they are so different.  Yet for me, there is a strong link.  That commonality is in defining and owning our story.  It’s usually right there in front of us, but it can be very elusive for us to capture.  Most of us don’t hold a mirror to ourselves as we live, so the most essential aspects of us may escape us.  My work, and my passion, is to help individuals find their heroic story and to own it.
When we find the hero within, we find our uniqueness and we own our accountability to live that story out. Regardless of what others may say, we recognize, “this is what I love to do!,” “I am really good at this and I enjoy it,” “I’m not sure why, but I keep getting pulled to doing this kind of stuff.”  When we own our heroism, we move towards what gives us joy.  With every step, we see greater opportunity and we make a commitment to seek out our bliss (what we do professionally, what we will be in the next phase of our life, how we choose to lead), we “cross the Rubicon” and can never return to what Thoreau calls, living a “life of quiet desperation.” Making such a commitment takes courage.  But the results can be scintillating.
At the core of this “becoming,” is the development of “My Story.” Your story includes:

  • Who I am at my best
  • What work, lifestyle, leadership style gives me the greatest joy and allows me to be at my best
  • A clear statement that visually depicts you living that life (a detailed description of you at your work, you in your life, you as a leader)
  • How I serve the best in life and in others

This story is simple.  Creating it, recognizing it, owning it…can take time.  But what is time, when it’s about living your life at its best, when you can soar with the eagles?  And even when you fall, you’ll feel compelled to fly again because it’s what you’re meant to do.
For those that are new to their own story creation, I often recommend a vision board or notebook (if you want more privacy), where you put up pictures of your dreams (yes dreams of grandeur!).  Just keep looking in magazines, newspapers, websites and every time a visual just grabs you, cut it out and put it up.  After a week of doing this, step back and see what story it’s telling you.  If it’s challenging for you to see it, ask a trusted confidant to “read” it for you.  A vision board is a treasure trove and always beckons you to tell the story of the true you!
So take the time to create your love story.  Even if it’s just one step at a time.