Day: March 20, 2013

BusinesWeek: "Hard Work, Marketable Skills, Feeling Appreciated Leads To Passion!"

“For most people, however finding our passion requires life experiences, exploration of different disciplines and overtime identifying a problem that you can help fix!” Beth Kuhel, a career coach, takes a different approach to “finding your passion” by explaining more in depth how your experiences, “finding the need” and your interests are contributing factors to “a sense of autonomy and feeling that you’re good at what you do and are having an impact on the world.”

HBR: "Why Your Passion for Work Could Ruin Your Career"

“Workers who are inspired are more productive, and passion can provide the energy necessary to fuel engagement, amidst obstacles and setbacks. But while passion seems clearly desirable, recent psychological research suggests that not all forms are adaptive. In fact, some forms can be downright detrimental.” Learn the difference between harmonious passion and obsessive passion and the effects it can have on your career and your business environment.

Oprah: "Find Your Passion: Are You On the Right Course?"

Martha Beck follows three women’s stories to find their (super)hero powers that they had possessed all along. The article discusses the three different personality traits (The Self-Deprecator), (the Stymied) and (Thinking Small…Too Small) that prevent these women to be “on the right course.”

Forbes: "Passionate Leaders Aren't Loud"

Passionate leadership is not about being flashy, loud and rah-rah, as may have been portrayed in media. According to the author, true passion requires honestly committing to something about which you feel deeply, and staying committed through difficult circumstances. She adds that passionate leaders bring their people along toward a common mission beyond the leader.