Make Yourself Memorable at Career Fairs

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You will be remembered if you have a convincing career story that is pitched well.
A convincing career story is targeted to the precise needs of the listener.  In this case, the company representative.  So if you want an financial analyst job at a healthcare company, you must prove you understand the job requirements (if you are too general, you lose your effectiveness) and show why you are interested not just that your are qualified (you express interest when you say, “with the Affordable Healthcare Act, there will be significant changes on the operations and pricing of health insurance, which I find very exciting…”)

Make sure you know your 3 key selling points and communicate them

Be personable and welcoming.  Americans do not put up a “formal face” as do some other cultures.  Therefore we expect students to be expressive, friendly, engaging and express their motivations.  I always tell students to treat them like friends that you just met, formal but friendly.

Follow up with an email within 24-48 hours.  The company representatives will have met many students.  Follow up with a thank you email and notecard that can capture your conversation and your key selling points.