Calming Meditation in High Stress Coronavirus Time

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At this time of stress and understandable fear due to the growing Coronavirus situation, we are given the opportunity to exercise our Best Self, with ourselves and with others. To do this, self-care has to be the priority. Get the oxygen mask on ourselves, so we can be there for others!

Especially if we are responsible for others, whether as a manager, parent or caregiver, the more centered we are in the midst of this crisis and stressful situation, the more we can be a beneficial support for others.

Those who have attended my sessions have experienced my meditations and have found them helpful. So I created 2 for everyone specifically for  this challenging time.

Below are 2 presence exercises / meditations that I hope can help you find your calm center. 

  1. First one is for centering yourself toward a calm presence
  2. The second one is specifically for relieving stress / fear related to the coronavirus 

To get ready:

  • Find a quiet place
  • Be seated in a chair, feet touching the ground
  • Relax your body
  • Take a deep breath in…and a long breath out
  • Turn on audio (turn volume higher, recording volume is low).

I hope you find the meditation helpful — calming you, centering you. Remember, in these times, as much as we do plan, it’s really a moment-by-moment experience…

Peace & Love   ~  Judy