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Emory University Workshop

Goizueta Business School “Strategic Networking in the US for International Students” Workshop 8/25/12


NPR: “Asian-Americans On the Rise”

"The Pew Research Center is out with a study that finds that Asian-Americans have surpassed Hispanics as the fastest growing racial group in the nation. Also, Asian immigrants have surpassed Hispanics as the largest group of new immigrants. It also finds that more than 18 million Asian-Americans living in the U.S. are

0 Job Doc Q&A Chat

Judy will be on’s Job Doc online Q&A Chat answering questions about the topic, “Technical competence or strong grades are not enough to get a job in the US.” Join us for the discussion! Job Doc Site 6/27/12 at 11:00am (ET)


NAAAP National Convention

2012 NAAAP National Convention and Diversity Career Fair “Speak Up and Be Counted” Workshop 8/24/12 New York, NY NAAAP National Website


Wall Street Journal: “Five Reasons Why It’s Lonely At the Top”

This post by M. Ena Inesi of London Business school and Adam D. Galinsky of Kellogg Graduate School of Business discusses the nature and psychology of power, and why executives can feel lonely in their positions.


Harvard Business Review: “Designing Spaces for Creative Collaboration”

How you configure your office space can catalyze or stifle innovation and creativity. This is an interesting podcast on the subject from the Harvard Business Review.


Businessweek: “MBA Electives Offer Hands-On Learning”

This article discusses the power of electives for MBA students. Some of our clients (Emory, Vanderbilt) are mentioned!


Harvard Business Review: The Power of Pause

This article by Ana Dutra explores the necessity to create space and reflect as a leader. "A pause can be created by a walk around the block, 20 minutes of meditation, exercising, immersing into a hobby, or simply a high-quality coffee break. The important point is to create time and space to


Lindsey Pollak: 5 Job Search Tips for International Students

"Here are the tips I share, based on research, conversations with successful international workers and my own experience attending grad school in Australia and acquiring a visa to work there for an additional year."