Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s day is a day dedicated to celebrating your love for your partner. This holiday is celebrated every year on February 14. Around Valentine’s Day you will begin to see lots of decorations of hearts, flowers, and other items in pink, red, and white.

A popular figure around this holiday is Cupid, a winged infant with a bow and arrow. According to myth, whomever he shoots with his arrow falls in love with someone. If someone falls in love with another person, they are said to be “struck by Cupid’s arrow.”

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In school, it is typical for younger children to make Valentine’s Boxes and share Valentine’s cards with other classmates by placing one in each person’s box, perhaps with some candy.

For adult couples it is common to show affection for one another and exchange such gifts as roses, chocolate,  jewelry and/or cards with each other. The day may also be celebrated by a romantic dinner out at a nice restaurant.

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President’s Day


Started in 1800, Presidents’ Day was originally intended to celebrate the birthday of the first president of the United States, George Washington.  The holiday was originally celebrated on Washington’s actual birthday, February 22, but in the 1960’s, Washington’s birthday celebration, along with other federal holidays, was moved to a Monday, in order to allow workers to have more three-day weekends. In addition to moving the date, Congress also changed the celebration to include all presidents, thus creating President’s Day, as we know it today.


Because, like Independence Day, Presidents’ Day is a patriotic holiday, it can be used by many groups to celebrate the history of the United States, including events and historical reenactments.  President’s Day is also very prevalent in classrooms across the country, as many school systems use this holiday to teach about American Presidents, and their accomplishments.

To learn more about the presidents of the United States, watch this video below!