Create Your Personal Story

Personal selling is critical. American companies hire “the whole person”, not just “the brains” so they want to understand you from multiple perspectives. Who is the real you? The way you position yourself and sell your skills is more important than grades alone.

Your personal story should have 3 key elements:

personalstory1US employers like to see you as a whole package, not just an employee who performs. You must have a story and know how to sell it to potential employers.

Your story should convey your purpose, passion and skills.

Effective Stories:
*should have a beginning, middle and end.
*Be sure you are telling a story, not just listing facts.
*Pull together your childhood, your work, and your education for a cohesive story that tells the whole and real you.  It will show your purpose, skills and passions and how you can meet your employers needs.

Trailer – Marketing Yourself from Dreambridge Partners on Vimeo.