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Rescuing A Heroine’s Voice Haunted by Tradition

...I don't think heroines choose to be one, they become one. For my Chinese mother, her heroism grew from her wanting to count as someone, in part because it's who she is, in part because she's come from a line of strong women who were so constrained by the limits set


“God Bless You”

Recently I came across a situation that "woke" me up from my cultural assumptions as an American. I was purchasing an item at a convenience store where the person behind the counter was of South Asian descent. It was just the two of us, a slow pace in the store.


Reaffirming Self in the Company of Friends

There’s something magical about sharing the contours of our deepest thoughts, hopes and fears with lifelong friends; friends whom you trust, with whom you share similar core values.


What is American Small Talk?

Perhaps one of the most confounding aspects of American culture for international students and professionals is our habit of "small talk". Well, American small talk is not about the conversation's content. Small talk is a way for us to feel comfortable with others when we first meet, to address the awkwardness


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Awakening to Our Greatness: In Memoriam

As a child of Chinese immigrants, I know (as do others like me know), that we have been taught to repay our parents' sacrifices with our filial piety, respect and societal success. I would say my father and mother would place "living our life purpose" at the top of the list


Impatience with Waiting

As I've gathered with my friends, I have come to a place of impatience. Impatience with how so many of us, myself included, have been waiting to live as full a life as possible. It may be the condition of humans. But I do find this affliction more prevalent


Career Success: I Dare You!

In America, if you want a successful career, you must be willing to recognize your uniqueness and your capability. You must proudly let the world know. Be open to respecting and celebrating all your wonderful accomplishment.