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How I Prepare and Engage in Networking – A Perspective

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to support many professionals and students as they embark and improve on their professional networking. It’s the one thing we know we “should” do but it’s one of the most challenging things to actually do. Trust me. I know. I still have to work at it. I still have to “psych” myself to engage in it. On a few occasions, I’ve skipped the “networking” part of a conference, because I just wasn’t up to being “on” that day. So, I am a practitioner, still practicing.

Asian-American Professionals Are Under-Rewarded Given Their Potential

Asian professionals are perceived by employers to be highly productive because of their strong intellectual capital, strong work ethic and reliability. But they are usually not on the “top of the list” for management position considerations due to a belief that Asian professionals lack leadership skills. But these “leadership skills” are not inborn traits, they are culturally-based behaviors and they are learnable. Employers have the opportunity to improve the ROA of these highly productive professionals.

A Trip to Beijing Elucidates Why Asian Students Lack of "Voice" in Classroom and Job Search

As I’ve been touring the historical sites of Beijing (the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven) and driving through the streets of today’s Beijing, I have seen first hand how our cultural history affects how we think, feel and act today. My work allows me the privilege to help international students acculturate to the US culture as well as assist Asian-Americans in developing visibility in their professions. I’ve always known that culture deeply influences how we are. But this trip has viscerally underscored how pivotal culture is. Culture is like the air we breathe. It’s in our cells. It occupies us.

"God Bless You"

Recently I came across a situation that “woke” me up from my cultural assumptions as an American. I was purchasing an item at a convenience store where the person behind the counter was of South Asian descent. It was just the two of us, a slow pace in the store. As I was putting my change away, he sneezed. Without pause, I said “God bless you”. And without pause, he continued attending to his business…