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It’s Time American Universities Take Responsibility for International Chinese Students’ Welfare

As I read the Wall Street Journal article, “Heavy Recruitment of Chinese Students Sows Discord on US Campuses” my heart sank.  I felt my heart’s sadness for the Chinese student, Chutian Shao, mentioned in the article, and simultaneously deep disappointment at our institutions of higher learning for allowing this craziness to go on — and


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Awakening to Our Greatness: In Memoriam

As a child of Chinese immigrants, I know (as do others like me know), that we have been taught to repay our parents' sacrifices with our filial piety, respect and societal success. I would say my father and mother would place "living our life purpose" at the top of the list


MLK, My Mother-in-Law and the Freedom to Dream

Yesterday was a holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, a person who enabled so many to believe in and eventually live their dreams. I've learned of his work and the civil rights movement through books and documentaries. But I've had the honor to understand this through the stories of my


International Students Need Much Acculturation Support at the Beginning of the Academic Year

I've had the opportunity to take part in Orientations and Acculturation programs at various universities in the last month. I always admire the young cross-cultural pioneers I meet on campuses, ready to step forward.