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NECINA Career Conference Keynote Speech, “Crossing the Cultural Chasm to Super Charge Your Career”

Judy Shen-Filerman speaks at the NECINA Career Conference on January 31, 2015. As the keynote speaker, she discusses the mentality and cultural competence that it takes to be successful in the US. In doing so, Judy addresses the concepts of Best Self, identity, and humility, all through the cultural lens of Americans,


BusinessWeek: International Students Struggle to Turn MBAs Into U.S. Jobs

By Julian Sparks July 24, 2014 Students from abroad who study at U.S. business schools often struggle when it’s time to land a job. Increasingly, B-schools set aside resources to help this group overcome a pair of career obstacles: the difficulty of getting legal permission to work in the U.S. and cultural differences that