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It’s Time American Universities Take Responsibility for International Chinese Students’ Welfare

As I read the Wall Street Journal article, “Heavy Recruitment of Chinese Students Sows Discord on US Campuses” my heart sank.  I felt my heart’s sadness for the Chinese student, Chutian Shao, mentioned in the article, and simultaneously deep disappointment at our institutions of higher learning for allowing this craziness to go on — and


A Leading CEO Who is Honest, Caring and Practical About Race in the Workplace

I had the wonderful pleasure of being a panelist at the Blue Cross Blue Shield “Racial Diversity in Today’s Workplace” event last week. While many leaders talk about their commitment to diversity and inclusion, I felt a deep sense of personal commitment when their CEO, Andrew Dreyfus gave his opening remarks. I


Does Your Use of Time Serve YOU?

I run a business that I love. The only reason I do it is because I care deeply about its impact. My use of time has to matter. More than ever, time is perishably precious. Precisely because of its perishability I’ve had to mold and partner with time...Time has taught me that


African-American Professor Portraits Defaced at Harvard – From Rage to Sadness to Compassionate Curiosity

In this moment, I have only one response. Compassion. Compassion for all involved and affected. We must open ourselves to a possibility beyond a clear right or wrong. We have to go beyond believing that a punitive measure will address the real issue. What we need is authentic understanding of each other.


6 Steps to Small Talk Success

So many people whom I meet in my workshops tell me how awkward it is for them to engage in small talk. So if you think “small talk” is odd and superficial, you’re not alone! However, one of the most important things to understand about small talk is that, culturally, it’s


5 Key Steps To Making a Career Switch

We are making career switches at a faster rate than any other generation. It’s a good thing in my opinion because it means we can choose work that expresses our Best Self, our purpose, our passion. As a result, we’re happier and likely performing better at our jobs.To be successful at making


Vacationing In the Midst of the Greek Crisis – A Paradox of Experience

I realized our good fortune when I went to vacation in Greece a couple of weeks ago during their bailout discussion with the EU. I’ve heard about the Euro crisis on the news these last few years regarding Greece, Spain and Italy. But now, it’s more than the conceptual understanding from reading


Spring into Your Dream!

Welcome to my first video blog were I talk about taking steps toward your dreams!


Choosing the Path Forward

At this time of the year, when the American calendar has started the new year and the Chinese new year is imminent but not yet here, I am in a Yin-Yang state.  Ready to run yet still in contemplation. The Chinese new year is not the Times Square drop-the-ball kind of celebration. 


Who Has the Time for *$&# Gratitude?

Like all habits, the habit of gratitude takes discipline, practice and patience. It has taken me years to develop into a person who can appreciate the small things in life that gives me joy. My husband will be the first to assure you that my five-alarm fires are still alive and well